Social Security Benefits & Pension Plan Analysis

Securing the maximum pay out of your pension plan and Social Security benefits requires strategic analysis. Applying for Social Security benefits and evaluating your pension plan can help ensure you will receive the funds you deserve. My fiscal experience and excellent reputation have assisted my clients secure their financial earnings. Ignoring a plan to analyze your pension and receive Social Security may cause you to miss out on additional monetary gains.

Services for Your Pension Plan & Social Security Benefits

Are you receiving your benefits at the right time? Is your pension structured to fit your needs? I offer the following services, including a break even analysis, to evaluate your pension plan and protect your Social Security benefits:

  • Break Even Analysis
  • Lump Sum vs. Annuitization Analysis
  • Specialist in Energy Company Pension Plans

Why Choose Sapphire for Your Pension & Benefits?

Receiving the funds you deserve from employment enhances any financial plan already in place. I take a complete, in-depth analysis of your benefits and pension. I specialize in pension plans for energy companies, assisting with financial health for Houston-area employees.